A-Clinic Foundation

The pioneer and innovator of the Finnish addiction field

The A-Clinic Foundation operates to reduce alcohol, drug and other addiction problems by providing versatile professional services. Through its regional units, the Foundation provides treatment, detoxification and rehabilitation services in order to improve the quality of life for both people with addiction problems and their families. The A-Clinic Foundation serves about 28 000 clients per year. It receives over 200 000 outpatient visits and provides over 90 000 days of rehabilitative treatment per year. Over 80 000 people use the Foundation’s web services every month. The central office is involved in national and international activities in the fields of prevention, information, development and training.

The A-Clinic Foundation aims at influencing welfare policies both nationally and internationally. By monitoring societal development, the Foundation defends the right of marginalised people to receive help and support.

The A-Clinic Foundation is an active participant in international activities within the EU and in the neighbouring previous Soviet countries. The Foundation is particularly active in projects and networks involving substance abuse education, utilizing new information techniques, drug use prevention and harm reduction, child protection, poverty, and marginalisation.

The A-Clinic Foundation was founded in 1955. The Foundation has over 700 employees and an annual budget of about 45,9 million euros. The services are funded mainly through contracts with municipalities. Project funders include Finland’s Slot Machine Association, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Centre for Health Promotion and the European Union. The Foundation is managed by the Executive Director, Board of directors and a supervising Commission.