A-Clinic Foundation

Tackling Addiction – For A Better Today

The A-Clinic Foundation is a non-governmental organisation and service provider founded in 1955. Our treatment and rehabilitation services, substance abuse prevention and expert services help to reduce substance abuse and other psychosocial problems. In addition, we strive to improve the standing of substance abusers and their families in society.

The guiding principles of the A-Clinic Foundation are the respect for human dignity, confidentiality, tolerance and responsibility.

The A-Clinic Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Our five regional districts negotiate framework contracts and service outsourcing contracts with municipalities or joint municipal authorities. The central office is involved in national and international activities in the fields of prevention, information, development and training. The activities of the central office are mainly funded by grants from Finland’s Slot Machine Association.

The A-Clinic Foundation has 800 employees and an annual budget of 50 million euros. The Foundation’s services are used annually by 30 000 clients. In addition, our e-services reach over 120 000 monthly users.